In Detail | Canvas Jacket

In Detail | Canvas Jacket

When we started working on HOME over a year ago, we promised ourselves that we would always push our boundaries when it comes to designing and producing our clothes. No matter what type of garment it is, we always look for ways in which we can evolve it, make it better, and make it ours.

The Canvas Jacket is one such example. When our designer Wytze presented the digital renders of its prototype to us, we immediately recognised it as one of our first statement pieces. He ran with it, evolving the tailored silhouette of the jacket to support several of our design signatures, which are inspired by the experience of Global Citizens; our own, and those around us.

The seam placement, for example, is inspired by the fluidity of culture. While it has certain core functions, it can be interpreted in different ways to fit the individual. Much the same, we replaced the shoulder seam from its traditional position, giving it a unique design, while keeping its core function intact.

 How the jacket is made adds another layer to its story. After the digital design process was completed, we went looking for a suitable material that had the functional capabilities of an outdoor jacket, sourced in a way that is least impactful on our environment. Our search brought us to Netherlands based tent manufacturer Smitveld, who agreed to supply us with their pre-consumer cutting waste; a heavyweight, waterproof canvas fabric. 

We make the jackets ourselves, in our atelier here in Amsterdam. We produce limited quantities, since our ability to make the jackets is dependent on the deadstock material we have at hand. This also means that when our deadstock materials change, so will the jackets.