In Detail | HOME T-shirt

In Detail | HOME T-shirt

If you grew up during the emergence of the streetwear scene, then - like us - you know the significance of the t-shirt, and its role as a gateway to a brand’s universe. 

For a small brand, a t-shirt is the easiest item to produce when you have limited resources. It’s also the easiest item to sell, as it doesn’t break the bank for the friends who want to support you, or the first customers who are just getting familiar with your brand. It is also the most versatile piece of clothing you can make. You can dress it up, dress it down, do sports in it, chill, and sleep in it.

Overall, it’s safe to say that creating your brand’s very first t-shirt is no small task, as it is most likely going to be your brand’s most worn item. And that is exactly why we set out to create a t-shirt that is truly ours. This is how.

The t-shirt was designed, rendered and tested for fit in Clo3d, allowing us to save all the resources normally used for prototyping. It also gave us the ability to incorporate one of our key design signatures into the construction of the garment; the replaced shoulder seam. On this seam, our logo was placed, signifying the bridging of borders, cultures, and ideologies. On the back of the t-shirt we placed a deconstructed version of our logo; a gesture which signifies the fundamentals of being a Global Citizen; unity, acceptance, and collaboration.

For the production of the t-shirt we worked closely with our partners at Scoop Portugal, a family owned manufacturing company with a heavy focus on sustainability, transparency, and ethical practices. For us, they sourced GOTS certified, 100% organic cotton jersey which was used to make the garments at their factory in Portugal. Following manufacturing, the t-shirts were garment dyed using natural dyes, printed, and embroidered.

The end result is a high-quality, heavyweight cotton t-shirt... which we are proud to say, is truly ours.