Q&A | Raj Dhunna

Q&A | Raj Dhunna

In our Q&A segment, we catch up with our community in order to explore what it means to be a Global Citizen, and how life experiences continue to shape their identity. For the very first Q&A we caught up with friend and illustrator Raj Dhunna, who's work was featured in our A Digital Space campaign video.


Please explain a little bit about your background; both personal and professional.

I’m a British Indian man. Born and raised in the UK, who is Punjabi Indian. Music, art, sports and cartoons I grew up on play a massive part in what influences me in my life both personally and professionally. Doing illustration and design for work has meant that I look at life with wider eyes, collecting visual references that may influence my work.

What does Global Citizenship mean to you?

Somebody who is willing to travel, experience new things and somebody who respects the environments that they’re in.

Do you consider yourself to be a Global Citizen?

I consider myself to be British and Indian. Having access to travel freely and use my passport as a thing to move around when I want to is something I value hugely, and a massive privilege to be able to do so. Experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, enjoying various climates and seeing how people behave the same/ differently all over the world is something that broadens your outlook of life, and makes you want to figure out how to live your own little life in this massive world. I don’t know if I consider myself a global citizen, but I think my actions would say I am.



How does it reflect in the work that you create?

Occasionally it makes appearances, through my sketchbook mostly. I treat that as my visual diary of things I’ve encountered. These memories only exist in the real time which I find brings me back to where I am at the current time. This reflects my want of going away & experiencing new things.



How has the Internet helped shape your identity as an artist?

I cannot remember my pre-internet brain too well. Damn.

But constantly having references to look at, artists to look at, music to listen to etc gets a bit much for me at times and I think it distorts the idea of what I want to make.

Although, on the other hand, having people see my work on social platforms and sharing/ commenting/ appreciating the work is a nice feeling. It’s reaffirmed my idea of wanting to ensure people know a human has made the work, and having an imperfect aesthetic to my work, with textures and lines that I’ve made through printmaking or drawing.

How would you define the term ‘Home’?

A place where I feel comfortable, and a good cup of tea.



How do you see your craft evolving in the future, with the aid of new technology?

Hmm I’m not entirely sure, but to remind myself of techniques that I’ve enjoyed in the past will probably play more of a part moving forward. Printmaking & drawing in particular. But I often change my mind a lot so let’s see how far that idea goes